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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that new customers often ask us

We offer reliable and affordable hosting plans for your website. Our plans start from only $9.99 per month and vary depending on your hosting needs.

impressmark makes website design payments easy, we have flexible monthly payment plans. Talk to one of our team members and find a payment plan that works best for your website needs.

Enjoy FREE domain registration and FREE domain renewals with our selected plans at impressmark. We make it easy for you to get your website online with a domain name that reflects your brand and identity.

At impressmark, we embrace remote work as our core value. Our team members are located across the country and collaborate online to create amazing websites for our clients. Our offices are mainly used for administrative tasks and our business operations are focused on the digital space.

You have full ownership of your website when you work with impressmark.

If you decide to use your own hosting and run your business independently, you can contact our team and we will assist you with the following:

– Domain transfer
– Website transfer

However, please note that you will lose the benefits of our website maintenance, software and support, as we will no longer have access to or be able to manage your website outside of impressmark.

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